About us

Hydraulic Testing and Certification as been conducting flow and pressure testing since 1994. HTC is now owned and operated by Dan Barwick and a small team. We use the most up to date technology and equipment to offer a consistent and high quality service. 

Dan, a Mechanical Engineer (RPEQ, CPEng), brings his experience maintaining pressure vessels in explosives manufacturing plants and applies it to fluid flow and fire hydrant systems.  He is continuing to learn and is always appreciative of support from more experienced members of the industry. 

HTC believes in the small but valuable role we play supporting our clients to design and commission fire hydrant services. 


  Daniel Barwick   Mechanical Engineer  Director/Owner

Daniel Barwick

Mechanical Engineer


  Thomas Manning   Mechanical Engineer

Thomas Manning

Mechanical Engineer

  Nick Lim   Mechanical Engineer

Nick Lim

Mechanical Engineer

  Zenda Johnston   Operations Manager

Zenda Johnston

Operations Manager

Giving back

HTC donate a small percentage of profits to disadvantaged schools. Books, clothes and tutoring have been donated to schools in Bangladesh. The intent is to support people that value resources that we in Australia have come to take for granted.