Fire Flow Testing for Water Utilities

Data Entered Directly into your GIS

Efficient Workflow

Documented OHS&E Procedures

Regular Communication and Reporting

Hydrant Flow testing

Ensuring the performance of the thousands or tens of thousands of hydrants in a water utility network is a challenging task. HTC have a proven track record working with the community and water utility to safety and accurately test many thousands of hydrants.

Our engineers manage safety and quality and our lean operational team ensure overheads stay low to keep our prices competitive.

Fire hydrant flow testing in Logan. Image courtesy of the Logan WIA.

Fire hydrant flow testing in Logan. Image courtesy of the Logan WIA.

Safety and Environmental

Image courtesy of the Logan WIA.

Image courtesy of the Logan WIA.

Working near roadways on water assets presents a number of risks. HTC have OHS&E and Quality Management Plan’s that document our commitment to mitigating these risks.

Our Quality Management methodology minimises the probability of water hammer, damaging hydrants, ergonomic injuries and damaging private property from discharged water. We comply with the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) while working near roadways.

We have the capability to measure and mitigate the risk of chlorine in drinking water contaminating waterways.

HTC have zero recordable OHS&E incidents or claims against insurance. We hold $20M PL and $5M PI insurance.


Regular communication is key to any successful project. We stay in regular touch to keep you informed of project progress and any incidents.

Summary reports are updated and shared on a weekly basis. This can include project progress against the schedule, test results summary, flow distributions and a heat map to help visualise how flow test data can be applied to drive decisions in other areas of your business.

We can also report on asset locations using GPS to help you keep your GIS records accurate.

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Water Utility Customers

Queensland Urban Utilities

Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) engaged HTC to help maintain the high level of performance of their street spring hydrants. HTC was able to identify components in the reticulation main that were contributing to reduced flow and estimate the increase in flow if the components were replaced. This helped QUU to allocate their maintenance budget in an efficient, data driven, manner. This project was completed with zero variations to time or cost.

Logan Water

The Logan Water Infrastructure Alliance (LoganWIA) engaged HTC to conduct flow testing on thousands of hydrants in the Logan network that were installed prior to 1980. Data was entered directly into the GIS ahead of schedule with zero cost variations.

Greater Brisbane and Melbourne

With offices in Brisbane and Melbourne we are well positioned to assist water utilities in Queensland and Victoria manage their fire hydrant assets. Give Dan a call on 0429 000 302 if you would like a meeting or just to have a chat.

Image courtesy of the Logan WIA.

Image courtesy of the Logan WIA.