Water Main Flow and Pressure Testing

Four Day Turn around

RPEQ Certified

Consistent Reports

Accurate & Reliable Hydraulic Data

Water Main Flow & Pressure Testing

Measuring the flow and pressure available from the water main servicing your clients property gives you accurate and data that allows you to confidently size hydrant mains and allow for fire pumps or tanks early in the design.


Water Main Investigations

Identifying restrictions from closed reticulation main valves, corroded fittings, pipes and hydrants can significantly reduce the cost of rectification activities. We are trained to operate valves in the QUU network.

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Pressure Logging

Monitoring the static pressure using pressure loggers gives you evidence of the minimum and maximum pressures affecting your equipment over any time period. We can also monitor the in-line flow to test over a range of operations.

Service Area

Brisbane, South East Queensland & Beyond

Hydraulic Testing and Certification operates throughout Metropolitan and Regional Queensland and northern NSW. Normal operations occur in and around the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold coast, but we have conducted testing in Casino, Toowoomba, Chinchilla, Emerald, Thursday Island and many many places in between. HTC are approved to conduct tests with numerous water providers across Queensland.

Melbourne - as of Jan 2019

As of 2019 HTC now offers flow and pressure testing in Melbourne and its surrounds.



Hydrant Investigations

Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) engaged HTC to determine the cause of reduced hydrant performance on their street spring hydrants. HTC was able to identify components in the reticulation main that were contributing to reduced flow and estimate the increase in flow if the components were replaced. This helped QUU to allocate their maintenance budget in an efficient manner that was supported by data.

Booster Pump Commissioning

QUU engaged HTC to quantify the effect of newly installed booster pumps. HTC performed a desktop analysis to determine the most hydraulically disadvantaged and advantaged hydrants. Pressure loggers were installed at a number of locations and water was drawn from the hydrants to quantify the baseline data for the booster pumps over the full range of operating conditions.

Health and Safety

HTC have a Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental (OHSE) Policy that complies with the WorkCover Queensland Work Health and Safety Management Plan requirements. HTC do not have any recordable OHSE incidents or claims against insurance. HTC holds $20M PL and $5M PI insurance.