Certification of fire hydrant and hose reel systems - Form 71

HTC can provide testing and certification for newly installed or modified fire hydrant and hose reel systems. We are RPEQ qualified and able to provide a Form 71 (fire hydrant and sprinkler system commissioning).

Pre-construction flow and pressure testing

Getting hydraulic data early in the design phase will help reduce complications during the QFES inspection. HTC will visit your site and physically measure water mains flow and pressure. Accurate data will allow you to confidently design wet fire solutions that meet code. 

Advice, troubleshooting, and QFES compliance

Help your understanding of QFES requirements so you can budget for potential costs associated with fire pumps and tanks. Real world water mains flow and pressure data is crucial in the design phase and allows you to make informed decisions about your development. Our advice and experience is also beneficial when troubleshooting a non-compliant fire hydrant system, and when exploring potential solutions.